How it all started...

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"Your cookies are too cute to eat!"

When I hear this from my customers I know I've stayed true to the vision I had at the start of my cookie adventure over six years ago when I founded Missy's Sugar Shop: Cookies should taste as good as they look!

Dusting my rolling pin with flour, pressing it into the buttery dough, and choosing an adorable animal, a pretty flower, or a delicate snowflake conjures up a wistful nostalgia of seven-year-old me making sugar cookies at Christmas.

Fast-forward forty plus years, I still use our family recipe (with a few tweaks) which produces a buttery, vanilla soft cookie in crisp shapes. But instead of the canned frosting spread thick with copious amounts of sanding sugar, jimmies, and nonpareils of my youth, I use fresh vanilla royal icing as the medium to achieve my enduring love for all things adorable and whimsical.

And while I'm delighted you may think my cookies are too cute to eat, I hope you'll reconsider.

xoxo Missy